subscription boxes

Monthly sweet boxes delivered to your door


Image for illustration of packaging, contents will vary.

About our boxes:


- Enjoy a monthly delivery straight to your door of our sweets or fudge. 


- Our subscription boxes are packed with a great selection of sweets from fizzy and chocolate, to traditional and retro. Alternatively, our fudge boxes are full of great flavours too. 

- Each Pic 'n' Mix box has over 1KG of sweets.

- Each Fudge box has over 1KG of fudge.

- A great gift idea suitable for all ages - a gift that keeps on giving. 

- Subscription boxes include free postage.


- New subscriptions received after the 7th of the month will receive their first box at the start of the following month.


- Every month your box will be filled with a variety of sweets or fudge from our range and a few

extra exclusives!