Build Your Box - Pick Your 3 Favourite Sweets

Build Your Box - Pick Your 3 Favourite Sweets


Ever wanted just your 3 favourites in a box, well now you can!


Choose your 3 favourites from the list below and add them to the note section at checkout. 


Pictured left fizzy cola bottles, fizzy watermelons and flying saucers

Pictures right Haribo strawbs, rhubarb and custard and jelly rings


No weighing just filling one of our standard treat boxes and if you want a box of all the same just let us know


Go on treat yourself 




Haribo rhubarb and custard

Haribo strawbs

Haribo freaky fish

Haribo heart throbs

Haribo jelly rings

Haribo jelly babies

Haribo yellow belly snakes

Haribo fried eggs




Pink mushrooms

Flying saucers


Mallow hearts

Milk teeth

Chocolate bananas

Blackberries and Raspberries


Fizzy cola bottles

Fizzy watermelons

Fizzy peach rings

Fizzy apple rings

Fizzy worms

Fizzy blue and pink bottles


Cola bottles Gluten Free Dairy Free

Shrimps GF DF

Fried Eggs GF DF

Pink Mushrooms GF DF

Flying Saucers GF DF

Milk Bottles GF DF


Vegan strawbs

Vegan cherries

Vegan tongue painters

Vegan meerkats

Vegan vanilla fudge

Vegan salted caramel fudge


May contain nuts and other allergens, please check individual sweets in our all sweets section for dietary information.